What's Keeping Us Busy This Spring

It's finally springtime here in the Bluegrass - the dogwoods are blooming, Keeneland is in full swing, and the Derby is quickly approaching.  We couldn't be more excited about the year we've had so far and all of the awesome things coming down the pipeline in 2016.   So far this year, we've partnered with some great organizations and worked with them to launch some really cool projects. 

Here are a couple of the new websites we designed, developed, and launched that we're particularly excited about.

Kentucky Medical Services Foundation

The first question that the Kentucky Medical Services Foundation asked us was "Do you know what we do?"  After some intensive googling yielded no information at all, we admitted that no, we have no idea.  "Exactly", was their reply.  The KMSF had no online presence at all, but the services that they provide to UK Healthcare are vital both to the patients that the hospital serves and to the employees and administrators of the hospital itself.  Their new website explains it much better than we can:

The Kentucky Medical Services Foundation, Inc. (KMSF) was founded in 1978 with two primary missions that have guided its activities and focus for more than 35 years: To bolster efforts to recruit and retain the best clinicians to ensure the provision of high-quality health care for the region and the Commonwealth; To serve as a charitable organization to support the education, research, service and patient care missions of the University of Kentucky and UK HealthCare®.

We worked with the KMSF to design, develop, and launch their first website to help the public learn more about their organization.  The site itself, which was built using the Bolt CMS, was launched in late April and is so far off to a great start.  

Keep an eye out for our in-depth breakdown of the pros and cons of Bolt and other CMS platforms a little later on.

Keystone Financial Group

Keystone, a financial services company with locations around Kentucky's Bluegrass region, wanted to replace their old website with one that was cleaner, more modern, and responsive.  

We worked with Keystone to map out what their goals were with the new website.  What is the most important information that needs to be conveyed?  What are their customers looking for and how does Keystone do it better than all of the competitors?  These are just a couple of the questions that Keystone's new website answers.

The website, which we developed in Drupal 8, went live in early April.  We think it turned out great and we're excited to be working with the folks at Keystone.

What's coming up?

We have some really exciting projects coming up soon that you should definitely keep an eye out for.  We'll be talking about those a little more in depth in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, we hope your enjoying this beautiful spring weather as much as we are.  

As always, if you or your company are currently evaluating an update to your website or online presence, go ahead and reach out to us and let us know how we can help!