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We're Hiring!
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What's Keeping Us Busy This Spring
It's been a busy 2016 here at Fusioncorp and we're looking forward to our biggest year yet.
Material Design Lite A New Way To Approach Website Design
Your favorite website may soon look a lot like an Android app. Google’s Material Design Lite (MDL),brings its Material Design design guidelines to the Web using CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
The Death of Adobe Flash
Remember the days when the web was ripe with moving images, pretty animations, and a myriad of fully animated websites? Oh yeah, it still is! But moving forward, it’s going to be accomplished without one core component.
Traits of the Most Successful eCommerce Websites
eCommerce website success (and failure) rates depend on many factors ranging from pricing, product quality, product availability, brand recognition, and overall company trustworthiness.
Facebook Logo Redesign & Gender Equality
A brand (often referred to as a logo) is the single most important piece of a company’s identity. It speaks to users, clients, and consumers constantly and consistently.
Professional Website Design from Start to Finish
Website design and development is one of the best (if not the best) way to facilitate an audience, followers, and clientele that makes your business grow.
Crucial Elements of a Good Website User Experience
Business owners, Chief Executives, Presidents, and Principals have a job that outweighs all others in respect to their day-to-day grind. What is the unknown job that adds to their already overloaded daily work?
Fusioncorp Acquires WebMedley
Fusioncorp, a Kentucky-based provider of web services, digital marketing and expertise for brand solutions, has acquired WebMedley, a digital marketing company in Lexington, Kentucky.
8 Critical Things Users Expect from Modern Websites
Nothing is more mind-numbing than a potential client embracing a competitor over you. It can be ego shattering, business hampering, and even begrudging. The competitor could offer the same products as you, provide less overall worth than you, and could ev