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Lexington, Ky Website Design

Custom Website Design

Professional Website Design & Professional Results

A professional website design is essential for every business. You must take the steps necessary for business growth, and having a website is the easiest way to let potential customers know about your company.

We provide custom website solutions for a diverse array of industries including financial, insurance, agricultural, public safety, online retail, and the music industry. Fusioncorp prides itself on developing award winning work that makes your business grow.

We begin with a new project analysis. This gives us more insight into your company and how effective your current website is. Essentially, we see what's worked for you in the past and what hasn't. This gives us a basis for providing a better online presence for you and your consumers. We provide the best website design and marketing solutions in Lexington, Kentucky.
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Lexington, Ky SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online easier with SEO & SEM Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to help you rank higher on search engines like Google™, Yahoo!™, Bing™ and other major search engines.

Google and other search engines will look at your website's information (meta tags, page titles, backlinks, image tags, keywords and page descriptions) making you rank higher with every passing day.

It gets even better! We work exclusively with every client in their local area. A local level marketing strategy means we focus all of our efforts on search engine placement for your particular location where your customers and clients are going to be.
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Lexington, KY Mobile Websites

Logo Design & Brand Development

Professional Logos & Branding Designed for Business & Marketing

Your brand or logo should automatically create trust between your company and your customers. It should relate to your customers, your business and its products and services. The best brands and logos are instantly recognizable and understood.

We use our knowledge and marketing experience to create identity systems that get clients and customers involved in your company through targeted focus groups, brand research, audience research, design trends and classic design experience.
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Lexington, KY Ecommerce

eCommerce Website Design

Secure & Professional Shopping Carts Built with a Powerful CMS

eCommerce is a very powerful way to increase revenue by creating a virtual storefront for your products. Selling online puts your business in the global marketplace. With an eCommerce website your shop never closes!

Most eCommerce websites are designed just to sell products. We integrate eCommerce with our content management system so it becomes a tool for tracking, data analysis, sales reporting and inventory management.
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Lexington, KY Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps | Development

Custom functionality tailored to your company goals

Our team of highly qualified developers are proficient in the languages necessary to achieve your vision including: PHP, Javascript, Java, C++, Flash, C#/ASP.NET, Swift, Objective-C, and SQL; the web technologies that today's enterprise level system are built on like: HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, SVG, XML, JSON, AJAX, and SOAP; and the systems, applications, application servers, and environments that business around the world depend on including: complex networking and routing, Apache/nginx web daemons, Amazon AWS, Windows Domain Administration, and VMWare installation, support, and hosting.
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Lexington, KY Development

Enterprise Services

Going beyond the basic website

The Fusioncorp Design team is composed of experienced creatives, highly skilled multi-platform developers, network installation professionals and fiber experts. With a passion for technology, our team holds credentials in Fine Arts, Digital Installation, Graphic Design and Marketing. To us, creating award-winning high-quality work is more than just a job - it's the passion that drives our organization.
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Fusioncorp's Creative Purpose

What is Fusioncorp Design™

Our purpose is to design creative solutions for businesses and organizations. We are an industry leader in custom website design, print design, video design, and marketing in Lexington, Kentucky.

We design small business websites, eCommerce websites, corporate websites, and brand solutions for various industries and professions. Through new technology platforms and excellent graphic design experience we make sure you're ahead of the curve.

Our skills are matched with clients who know their industries, and we develop high quality creative solutions for them. Website design and web-based marketing are the best ways to market a company. We have the tools and talent to design effective campaigns that meet client goals head on in a market where being found digitally is everything.

Welcome to Fusioncorp Design - your #1 source for all creative design solutions.

Professional Design Services

Latest news from Fusioncorp

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Mobile Website Design in a Digital World

Staying Relevant in Today's Mobile Landscape

Website design isn’t as simple as it once was. The constant evolution of our digital environment is shortening the lifespan of technology. With the internet moving into a more mobile direction, staying relevant to keep up with the changing digital landscape is imperative.

There are 1.2 billion mobile website users worldwide. 71% of mobile web searches happen when users are researching something they've seen on TV or in print. 9 out of 10 mobile searches result in users purchasing a product, making a phone call, or visiting a service provider.

We create digital experiences that ensure your business can exceed user needs in an on-demand world.

Client Testimonial

"The project Fusioncorp worked on for me had an impossible deadline, an unreasonable workload and multiple decision makers who had to approve all the work. Most agencies would say “thanks but, not a project for us.” Not Fusioncorp. They were not rattled in the least by the complicating factors of this project. Their commitment to creating quality work, ability to manage the timeline and willingness to work collaboratively was impressive. They were flexible problem solvers willing to go above and beyond to make the project work."

Marigail Sexton
Director of Communications
Green Dot, etc. Inc.

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